Tooth Color Fillings and Bonding

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What are fillings and why do we need them?

Dental filling is a term used for restorative and repair work done on the teeth using aesthetic materials, after they sustained structural damage by decay, fractures or wear. Tooth colored fillings have gained immense popularity owing to their outstanding aesthetic value, versatility and high strength. These resin-based materials can be used to repaired anterior(front), as well as posterior(back) teeth in the oral cavity. Perhaps the most notable advantage of using these materials is, in contrast to silver-colored amalgam that was once being used for the same purpose, resin restorations are not toxic to humans or the environment. Here is how a simple filling is done at a clinic:


Local anesthetic may first be administered to eliminate chances of pain and discomfort during the procedure


In case of caries, a mechanical handpiece with a high-speed rotating bur is used to clear and remove the decayed portion of the tooth


An etchant is then applied to the tooth to create small porosities which will help the filling to strongly adhere to the surface


With each increment, the dentist shapes the material to resemble the natural contour and anatomy of the tooth


Once the ideal shape has been created, the material is set in place using a dental setting light. It is then polished for a natural finish

What is the difference between tooth-colored fillings and Bonding?

Dental Bonding is one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry because it offers easy, quick and simple smile makeovers! If you feel self-conscious about your smile because of minor fractures, chipped or uneven margins/edges, gaps between teeth, discrepancies in shape and size of the teeth, pits, or visible signs of wear, and you need an easy fix for the problem – Bonding is the procedure for you!

Resin-based composites that match the shade of your natural dentition are used to rebuild the aesthetically compromised teeth. Cracks can be repairs, gaps filled, margins restored, and minor fractures made to look good as new.

Dentists can repair multiple teeth in the upper and lower jaws during the same visit using Composites. The procedure is quite similar to that of tooth-colored filling. This is how you can walk out with a brand-new smile without spending a huge amount of money, or waiting for months, if you opt for Bonding.

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